for women-led businesses

Customers go online when they need

a service. SHE BIZ helps all female

entrepreneurs to find new clients

and negotiate the services in a

safer, professional and efficient way.


to hire trusted service providers

Whether you are a home-based mum, a busy

entrepreneur or a single woman who just

bought a house, SHE BIZ enables you to find

and procure services from women-led

businesses to get the things done

YOUR way!

  • Offer a service
  • Hire a female-led biz
Offer a service
  1. It’s hassle free! It only takes 20 minutes to create your first listing.
  2. You can avoid that uncomfortable moment when you mention your fee! In SHE BIZ, you set it upfront AND can negotiate it as needed.
  3. You will eliminate the irritation of doing the job and then being asked: can you charge me less? 
  4. SHE BIZ has tutorials to guide you through the process.
  5. We have a great customer service and also offer half hour calls to get answers for your questions.
  6. You have nothing to lose! If you don’t make money, we don’t make money.
Hire a female-led biz
  1. It only takes five minutes to create a buyer’s profile. It’s faster than calling your friend seeking recommended providers!
  2. Your security is first. Each provider has a badge to show you whether her mail, id, and credentials were verified.
  3. There are no hidden fees. You can choose a provider based on her reviews and fees.
  4. Don’t feel comfortable buying online? No worries, book a half hour call with us, and we will walk you through the website.
  5. Change the story, elevate other women and local businesses. If the offer is competitive and you can make a difference by supporting women, why not? 

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