Frequently asked questions buyers

It covers the electronic transfer of the money. You pay it frequently in your online transactions -we just make it clear upfront.  We do not profit from it.

Four quick differences come to our mind:

  1. SHE BIZ not only tells you about the services delivered by other women but also accompanies you, from the booking the review.
  2. SHE BIZ brings you a mixture of online and local in-person services that is unique.
  3. We believe that safety is essential. We have built secure communication and payment systems to ease your hiring of a service.

No. The platform will block any telephone number, skype address or email contact details. You can use the built-in messaging system to refine the terms of reference of your agreement. Make sure that the provider is clear about your expectations.

All these measures aim at documenting all the transaction in the event you have an issue with the seller, and the arbitration is needed.

The users that redirect the communication outside the platform will receive a warning. If they insist on this behaviour, they will be excluded from the platform, as outlined in the Terms of Service.