Basic features

We know that you are eager to take your business to the next level, but it’s difficult to manage sales, marketing and communication in a simple way.

SHE BIZ has multiple features to help you get started today. You focus on delivering an outstanding service, and we take care of the rest!

Visibility &

Professional profile to display your experience, qualifications and licences.

Standardized listing  layout to sell your services in the best possible way, with text, photos and videos.

Review and rating system to increase trust and reputation.

Enable location for in-person meeting and services. This is not about online services only

Communication &

Built-in messaging system to negotiate and manage the transactions.

Real time notifications via email, SMS or screen to accelerate the communication.

Custom quotes for those services that require extra customization and price.

Bid for service requests and increase your sales by as much as 20%.


Sales dashboard to get up-to-date stats on your profits and shopping in a user-friendly way.

Vacation mode to inform your potential clients that you are unavailable.

Customer support in English, French and Spanish.
We aim to respond within 24 h.

Mobile responsive app to ensure you can communicate with your clients anytime.

Boost your

Discount codes for your special promotions.

Feature your ads on our main pages, including our blog

Get commissions when you refer users to our platform and they create a listing or sell a service.

Multiple subscription plans to get additional features, and reduce the commission fee.

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