Safety and Trust


We know how important is for women to deliver and hire services in the safest manner possible. We also know how exhausting it is to find someone you can trust, particularly for services delivered at home or related to your loved ones.

Since its inception, SHE BIZ was designed to improve the safety of online and in person service exchanges by women. We are here for you and also rely on you to make sure everything goes as planned.

Check the profile badges

All profiles display two badges next to the profile photo:

  • an envelope
  • an ID card or a Diploma

This means that the user has verified her email and has submitted an ID to prove her ID or, where applicable, a copy of the licence to perfom a service (e.g skilled trade jobs).

In addition to the badges, pay attention to the photo and profile description. Invest time in yours -they are critical to build trust!

Read reviews

If you want to know more about a provider or the buyer before closing the deal, check out their profile or read reviews. Buyers and providers can only review each other after a service is fully delivered, so you know the feedback you’re reading is based on actual experiences.

If there are no reviews, ask questions or request that they send us any information you require.

Ask questions

Contact the provider BEFORE booking a service. Our secure messaging system gives you the chance to answer or ask any questions to ensure that the expectations about the service are clear.

Once the service is booked, also use the messaging system to ensure that everything is coordinated properly, particularly for in-person services.

Communicate and pay safely

Our secure platform ensures that the money gets to the provider once the service is checked as clomplete. This reduces the number of last minute renegotiations and improves the likelihood of receiving the expected service



Always pay and communicate directly through the SHE BIZ website. Keep yourself protected by staying on our secure platform throughout the entire process—from communication, to booking and payment. You should never be asked to provide a copy of your ID, personal information, wire money, provide credit card information or otherwise pay a provider directly. If you are, please report it to us immediately.

Stay alert

If you arrive at a home or receive someone in your house and something’s not quite right or does not go as per the original communication, please don’t take risks: leave the house or ask the provider to leave the house. Reach out to us. We provide support in English, Spanish, and French. We will assist you with any necessary payment or reimbursements.

Are you ready?