Is digital technology hurting or helping your business?

Is digital technology helping or hurting your business?

Are you the type of person that touches a computer and makes it freeze? Have you opened an app just to see how it endlessly is loading?

If so, my friend, you are not alone, many women face tech paralysis.

We live in an era where advanced digital technology is very much part of our daily lives. There are dozens of online platforms, gadgets, and tools just one click away. So, the way we communicate, work and learn has changed drastically over the years. And these changes may impact our lives in a positive or less positive way – it all depends on how we each make the most of it or not. 

Daily news are bursting with technology updates, and whilst it’s good to be up to date with innovation, it can also make you feel very much left behind. And, you can’t help but wonder: where do I even start catching up on everything? How can I incorporate new technology into my life and business, when things change so quickly?

Whether you are just starting as a freelancer, own a small business or are a newcomer to Canada (welcome!), in order to become the successful career woman you always wanted to be, you need to use technology in a productive way. If you don’t have a strategy, you can end up using tools that make your business stagnate or, even worst, lose money. 

Are you feeling the heart beats going up? Keep reading -we have some advice to help you incorporate the right technology into your business – one Google search at a time.🤓   

Less technology is more  

If you have bought digital technology such as web analytics or marketing automation software that hasn’t lived up to the hype, there is a chance you might be using it wrong. 

Here are three clues that can help you identify the problem: 

●     You bought access to multiple platforms, tools, gadgets, and plugins without a specific plan. And this resulted in having a lot of apps sitting around gathering dust.

●     You have an idea on how these technology items should work, but you’re not clear on how you’re supposed to implement them in a way that would bring value to your customers and your business.

●     You haven’t made the necessary settings and adjustments when implementing and applying the new technology – so obviously you haven’t obtained the expected results. 

Did any of these points ring the bell? Well… technology does not work unless you do

Using technology without a plan and a purpose can keep you away from growing and welcoming new opportunities into your life. 

Rather than leaving the fate of your business in the hands of technology alone, consider dedicating a few good hours to researching and testing anything that you believe might be a fantastic tool. Understanding how and when to use certain platforms/tools/gadgets is key.

Consider asking yourself the following three questions after testing any app:

“Will this really help my business?”

“How can I combine it with other apps and platforms that I already use?

“Have I seen any improvements since using this software?” 

Successful entrepreneurs don’t fall into the trap of rushing to buy something just because it feels nice to have all the latest high-tech systems that their competitors may not have. They assess and recognize that it’s better to have fewer tools that actually work than a whole lot of them that simply don’t deliver the expected results.  

Remember, less can indeed be more.

“Business software is helpful if it both makes your life easier and positively impacts your clients”.

Finding the right fit

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” – I mean, after all we all know how bad it can be to face the world in uncomfortable shoes (I plead guilty 👠). Every step can result in excruciating pain that slows you down and makes it difficult to enjoy your day and do what you have to do.

It’s the same with technology – no matter how promising some apps/platforms/tools may seem, some of them can have a negative impact on your business. And that is why a good investment in the right technology should feel just like investing in the right pair of shoes – comfortable, easy to use and in the end, a smart investment.  

Here’s how you increase productivity in your business through smart technology: 

  • Use tools with features that improve multiple areas of your business (e.g communication and project management). 
  • Improve your communication and flexibility when dealing with clients/employers – no matter where they are located.   
  • Find a way to interact with your clients outside working hours via notifications, online chat support, 24/7 customer service on social media and interactive websites.
  • Improve your social media presence and marketing through software that allows you to formulate strategies that you can share with your team.
  • Use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, or YouTube to promote your blog, business, and services.
  • Promote your business through online advertisement.
  • Network on professional platforms where you can buy extra help and sell your services.

So, will technology help your business?

Depending on how you decide to use it, digital technology can be your best friend… or your worst enemy.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from achieving business success. If you take the time to research the benefits digital technology can bring and practice, it will soon become one of your best assets.

March 21, 2019